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PADdleboard River Runner 309 XL

PADdleboard River Runner 309 XL
Volume 212 L
Length 309 cm
Windth 82 cm
Thickness 15 cm
Weight 7 kg
Fins 3x Flexy Fin®
Rider max 120 Kg

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New Czech inflatable paddleboard RR 309 XL model was primarily developed for paddlers to go down mountain rivers. It also inspires confidence on flat water or in sea waves. Its primary characteristics is its outstanding maneuverability, stability and speed. Good option for heavier riders.

It has been made of high-performance European materials using Ultra Light Double Wall technology, which guarantees high strength, durability, quality connections, but also a very low weight compared to conventional drop stitch fabrics (more materials used).

Thanks to our River Flexi fins it provides smoother ride in shallow water and rocky rivers.

Adhesive and abrasion-resistant EV grip stays non-slipping dry or wet, in shoes or barefoot, and has a hygiene certificate.  Our board is easily transportable and storable while packed.