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About us


Weight only 7 Kg. Our boards are stronger and more durable with top quality material.

Just one step away
from walking on water

Getting on the board is not hard, getting off is ... YOU JUST DON´T WANT TO!

AIR paddleboard

High quality of our inflatable products

About us

PADBOARDS firm is concerned with the manufacturing of inflatable paddleboards, and other inflateble program. We have 12 years experience in the field. Our products are produced in the conditions of tribe company, solely by hand. In our work we do stress a thorough choice of used materials and production technologies. Inflatable PADdleboards are made from high-quality Europe materials. We have been testing  a long time now during tours on white water rivers so we can speak from our experience when we work on improving and enhancing our products.

We provide service to all our products.

PADBoards designers