Weight only 7 Kg. Our boards are stronger and more durable with top quality material.

Just one step away
from walking on water

Getting on the board is not hard, getting off is ... YOU JUST DON´T WANT TO!

AIR paddleboard

High quality of our inflatable products

Materials and Technologies

We are using top quality German Double Wall fabrics. These fabric is a three-dimensionally woven structure, the two basic fabrics interlinked with numerous spacer threads. Instead of using single linear polyester threads, this new German advanced technology, incorporates a woven, drop-down construction. The result is a much lighter, durable and stiffer board.

- 100 % recyclable
- Made in Europe with superior raw materials and 100% REACh Certificated quality
- Woven drop-down construction replacing unstable Jersey drop-down knitting
- Lightest and most torsion stiff double wall fabric worldwide
- Warp and weft tensile strength up to 50% more durable than existing technology

Adhesive and abrasion-resistant EV grip stays non-slipping dry or wet, in shoes or barefoot, and has a hygiene certificate.