Weight only 7 Kg. Our boards are stronger and more durable with top quality material.

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AIR paddleboard

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Ride 318 ESD

Ride 318 ESD
Fins Details
Volume 199 l
Length 318cm 10'5
Windth 82cm 33''
Thickness 12 cm 5''
Weight 8,8 Kg
Fins 1x flexi fin Big+2x flexi fin mall
Rider 115 kg

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Universal PADdleboard for flat water or rivers. It have good stability  Used material is pre-laminated double layer PVC DoubleWall ESD(sometimes referred to as MSL). This boards are realy stronger, stifer and mmore resistant to cuts and damage.

It features excellent stability,maneuverability and good speed.Also good option for heavier riders (up to 115 Kg).

Thanks to our River Flexi fins it provides smoother ride in shallow water and rocky rivers.

Adhesive and abrasion-resistant EV grip stays non-slipping dry or wet, in shoes or barefoot, and has a hygiene certificate.  Our board is easily transportable and storable while packed.